Month: November 2009

Monument Observation Tower Reopens!!

 The observation deck of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument reopened this weekend, so let’s revisit this postcard from August 1906. If you can’t read the scrawling across the bottom it says “W.H.C. arrived all ok at 10:30. Took the Monument, Capitol and P.O. this P.M.” I think the author meant “took in” or else he had the good sense to put them all right back where he found them! We all know that the view has changed substantially in the last 103 years. When did you last visit and which side has your favorite...

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Odd Fellows in Downtown Indianapolis

A book published in 1870 featured this depiction of the old OddFellows Hall. It stood on the Northeast corner of Washington and Pennsylvania Streets. It cost $30,000 to construct in addition to the $17,000 for the real estate and “was planned by Francis Costigan and finished with a dome by D. A. Bohlen.” It was described as “…a sort of cross between a Gothic chapel and the Taj Mehal, but it is the most attractive building on Washington street for all that.” The ground floor rented to a bank and other businesses, the second story for offices and the third was used...

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