Month: January 2010

Help Identify the Mystery Houses

HI would like to identify these mystery Indianapolis houses. A very clever reader shared their observations about this photo. The clues to consider: • The sun is coming from behind the photographer, so you know the houses can’t be facing north • The houses stand where a road tees into another road (i.e. a three-way intersection) • A peculiar shadow is being cast over the street. The shadow is cast partially in the middle of the teeing road, which suggests they the teeing road is very short. It is entirely plausible that these are homes that stood where the...

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News: January 4, 1910–Death at the Murat yesterday

Have you ever contemplated the whole story of the buildings you admire? Sure, you wonder when something was built, who desgined it and attempt to identify the style without reference books. But how often do you ponder what dramas may have played out during the creation of some glorious piece of architecture or inspiring work of art? To what have these inanimate objects borne witness? One of the Murat’s earliest observances: Hard to believe anyone would have to work on a slick and icy roof in freezing temperatures. And what would have became of poor Mrs. Cunningham? How did...

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100 Years Ago today…1/3/1910- Mayor Shank Sworn In

Samuel Lewis Shank, Mayor of Indianapolis from 1910 to 1913 and again from 1922-1925, seen here on the front of City Hall 100 Years Ago today, Mayor Shank was sworn in at what was then the new (and yet to be occupied) City Hall, now known as the Old City Hall. From the Indianapolis Star report: “In spite of the fact that he and former Mayor Bookwalter left the new City Hall by way o fone of the large windows, Mayor Shank spent some time receiving the congratulations of friends before he stepped into his automobile to proceed to...

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