Month: March 2010

Introducing: WTH Wednesday

Introducing : WTH Wednesdays Taking a cue from the National Trust’s YIKES features (post note: this originally had a link to those features, but all traces of the series has been wiped from online archives), I noticed a goodly amount of Yikes-worthy alterations or neglected buildings right here in our little metropolis. This first one is of the latter ilk. I admit, I have passed this building countless times–I’m sure you have too– (40 E. Washington) and never even noticed it. I’m sure I was busy drooling over one of the more eye catching buildings in its vicinity.  As...

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Historic Indianapolis Hero: J. Scott Keller

Lockerbie Court (1901) one of numerous structures Scott Keller helped save Preservation and service to the community is just in some people’s blood. Scott Keller, an indefatigable preservationist and community contributor happens to have come from a long line of Hoosiers who helped shape Indianapolis as we know it today. From a great-grandfather who was a state senator to a grandfather who helped found Goodwill Industries here in Indiana, to his great uncle Frank who started Flanner House and a brother who works for the United Nations—Scott Keller propagates a long-held family tradition of community service and admirable commitment...

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