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June 13, 2010

Once upon a time, before there was a thoroughfare of any name or form, much of current day Talbott Avenue (within Herron-Morton Place) belonged to Samuel Henderson, first mayor of Indianapolis. A substantial portion of this land was acquired by […]

WTH Weds: 13th & Delaware Streets…

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June 9, 2010, No comments

Oh yeah, THIS is soooo much better than… I know some of you will maintain it was the former County Courthouse, English’s or some other bui ...

Favorite Friday: Indianapolis Terra Cotta Company

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June 4, 2010, No comments

It’s hard to think of any one company that had more influence on the look of Indianapolis than the Indianapolis Terra Cotta Company. The Indianapoli ...

WTH Weds: County Courthouse vs CCB

June 2, 2010, No comments

This may be a little more “HOW the H*ll?” than “WHAT the h*ll?” What a loss! I’ve said this before, but when I see one o ...