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August 20, 2010

Front view, 234 E. Michigan Street, bet the view of downtown from the 2nd or 3rd floor is awesome… I am officially OVER it…the destruction and greed and poor examples of entities that are operating under the guise of doing […]

WTH WedS: Destruction and Ignorance and Arrogance…OH MY!

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August 17, 2010, No comments

Just as a Victorian era inhabitant of Indianapolis may have done, I am taking a brief respite from the local scenery to visit a nearby hamlet you have ...

State Fair: September 22-27, 1890

August 16, 2010, No comments

The Cyclorama Building, referenced in the previous guest post about the Traction Terminal… THE WHEN–definitely a stop for a travel back in ...

Indiana State Fair: September 30- October 5, 1878

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A few advertising highlights from the 1878 State Fair program… The etching featured on the cover is an aerial view from what is today, Delaware ...

    August 12, 2010, No comments

    Enjoy these fabulous images–The Indiana Historical Society has a collection of them, should you wish to hold any in your hot little hands! More years to come through the next few days. Stay tuned. Arkansas, primo vacation destination? ...