Month: October 2010

Favorite Friday: Historic House for $1– Who doesn’t love a bargain!?

Just off the charming, unassuming Marsh Road at 79th Street is a lovely historic home that can be yours for the bargain price of $1! Upon first viewing the home, I recalled Elizabeth Bennett’s line from Pride & Prejudice when she first sees Pemberly: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a place so happily situated.” By all accounts, this appears to be perfectly located, with gorgeous old trees and lots of space surrounding it. Sadly, time is marching on and encroaching development will soon forever change this landscape. So! Two choices for this vintage beauty: stay here and be...

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All Aboard!! Titanic has pulled into Indianapolis’ Harbor!

Favorite Friday today: Achievement of a milestone. In this case, the 1 year anniversary of the Hoosier Chapter, Victorian Society in America. In its inaugural year, the HVSA hosted an Antiques Appraisal Show with Scott Keller; “The Game is Afoot,” with over 50 participants, including many families and children; a private home collection of a well-known art collector and finally, the year will be capped off with “Last Dinner on the Titanic,” a lavish 8 course menu filled with more than a meal, but also, music and merriment. There will be no sinking at the end of this dinner!...

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WTH Weds: After the fire?

This magnificently restored home looks across the West Drive esplanade to… …This. A beautiful autumn day on the West Drive esplanade I’ve featured one of these before, but it happens all over: a structure catches on fire and then sits there for years exposed to the elements. WTH? What gives? No insurance? Legal battle? Anyone know the story here? Despite this eyesore, Woodruff Place remains one of the most regal neighborhoods in the city. I love it and always take out of town visitors over there. Too bad Herron-Morton Place was in such a direct path of the city’s...

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Favorite Friday of the Forgotten…Tomlinson Hall

Sadly, we are nearing the point that few living actually have firsthand accounts of this building before it burned and was bulldozed. Even if you are too young to remember doesn’t mean you should forget. ┬áRead on. This place was unique, beloved, beautiful, and well utilized. Founded as a place for ALL to gather — irrespective of race, gender, faith or other beliefs — it was one of the city’s most significant meeting sites. Tomlinson Hall, northeast corner Delaware & Market Streets INCEPTION Tomlinson Hall was created by the last will of Stephen D. Tomlinson, who died on┬áNovember 14,...

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WTH Weds-Capitol & St. Clair- A disturbance in ‘The Force’

A few months ago I was cruising down Capitol and before my eyes, unfolded a sight that conjured the movie Star Wars. Was it a slick piece of modern architecture, I eyed? Perhaps a magnificent contribution to the cityscape, gracefully escorting us into what the 21st century will come to be appreciated for? Sadly…not so much. I can only hope this dispells the notion–so readily embraced these days– that new = better, ’cause, holy crapamoly, more than ever, I’m ready to hop in a time machine and head back in time. But back to the future and Star Wars…...

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Favorite Friday + Fire Prevention week + Anniversary of Chicago Fire

Yes, I say it a lot. I love finding connections and the fewest degrees of separation. As I’ve mentioned throughout the week on facebook, National Fire Prevention week is October 4-10 and in fact, October is National Fire Prevention month overall–the time coinciding with the Great Chicago Fire that started October 9, 1871late in the evening of October 8, 1871. So I thought it would be apropos to look into some history of fires in Indianapolis, which I will continue to feature this month.Browsing through my seemingly infinite collection of miscellaneous Indianapolis files, I came across a small newspaper...

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Favorite Friday: Golden Hill and Indiana Landmarks 50th Anniversary

You didn’t think I could just show one home in need of TLC on a WTH Wednesday and not follow it up with some cool details of Golden Hill…right?Wouldn’t want to disappoint the 3 people that actually read these posts! So, right to it…Rather than just taking pictures of the homes of Golden Hill–most of them seem a bit shy anyway, hidden by greenery or gates in some cases. I snapped pictures of a few things that caught my eye that won’t typically be found outside vintage places. I love the details in these bricks. I wonder what the...

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