Month: November 2010

Entrepreneurs in Morton Place

Let’s meet three Indianapolis business trailblazers and entrepreneurs. These three are connected through their creation of┬áMorton Place (19th to 22nd Streets, Delaware, Alabama, New Jersey and west side of Central streets). These three businessmen had the vision to acquire the old State Fair & Exposition Grounds and redevelop the area into Morton Place, with 280 lots and esplanades from 19th to 22nd streets on Delaware, Alabama and New Jersey Streets. Now, the old Morton Place has been enveloped as part of a larger neighborhood called Herron-Morton Place that extends down to 16th Street and over to Pennsylvania on the...

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Tour Indianapolis… 4 days after Titanic sank- courtesy Y.W.C.A.

A mere 4 days after the sinking of the Titanic, commenced the 5-day “National Biennial Y.W.C.A. Convention,” for which I have an “Information for Visitors” guide. I can only presume that ladies convened from all over the country (“national” does typically denote that, does it not?) and wonder if any attendees had relatives on The Titanic? Were there headlines plastered all over downtown like in New York?Either way, this “Handbook,” is a fascinating glimpse of our fair city, with interesting information and “points” as well as a few photos. The Sun Parlor within the YWCA Building Though it’s not...

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