Month: December 2010

WTH Weds- near Fountain Square

Been doing a little end of the year tidying within the myriad photos on my computer and found this shot I took in May of this year. No clue what it’s looking like now, but I can’t say I’m very hopeful. Anyone recognize this one? Wow. WTH?  ...

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The decimation of the 1100 Block of Delaware St. East side of block

Next time you are cruising north at lightning speed (there doesn’t seem to be any other at which people travel on Delaware Street) and either jump onto the 70E/ 65S entrance or continue under the highway overpass, please take a moment to consider all the regal mansions that gave way for our city’s “progress.” At least the Fishback House is still standing at 1101 North Delaware. I am stunned every time I hear that someone doesn’t notice this gorgeous mansion, impeccably restored, keeping watch and bidding adieu to the thousands of east or southbound travelers.   1101 North Delaware...

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People in Preservation: Dr. James Glass, DNR Director of the DHPA

Whoever coined the phrase “You are a gentleman and a scholar,” must have known Dr. James Glass, the Director of the Division of Historic Preservation & Archaeology (DHPA) for the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) of Indiana. Dr. Glass is one of the most knowledgeable, kind and concise people you may ever meet. He is also, as seems the trend with other Hoosiers caring for our heritage, incredibly humble. Indiana is indeed fortunate to have so many talented and inspiring individuals looking after its interests—especially as relates to history and preservation. The DNR offers a plethora of–go figure–resources for...

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WTH Weds- Crazy cracky house on Kessler

I think maybe someone was smoking something when they started building this palatial atrocity. One of my besties lives right around the corner and I was pretty gobsmacked when I first saw this architectural gem. I thought: “Wow, that looks like some kinda crazy-cracky house…” only to be informed that may not far off from the truth. Anyone know the real scoop on it? I would have taken more photos, but as I snapped the first one, I noticed a “No trespassing sign,” so promptly bolted…they could be hiding thermonuclear weapons in this compound. How does building something like...

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Favorite Friday: Christmas Lights

From Modern Mechanics and Inventions from January 1930 Interesting perspective from 80 years ago! People could recall a time before exterior light decorations were even part of the holiday equation. I shall endeavor to get some evening shots of Xmas lights within the next week or two, but other than my next door neighbor and the person on Fall Creek with the Red Maypole tree, I haven’t seen too many examples up yet. Which reminds me, I need to get to mine as well… I have a feeling that more people than usual will give it a miss due...

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