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February 28, 2011

Advertised to upscale local ladies in 1916: fine clothing. Of course, some of the upper class traveled as far as Europe and beyond to secure unique and fashionable wardrobes. Others perhaps made a bi-annual pilgrimage to New York City, and still […]

Sunday Ads: Abel Bros Undertakers

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February 27, 2011, No comments

I am confused by this one from the May 16, 1914 Indianapolis Recorder. Not by the fact that an undertaker would advertise prominently every week in th ...

The Post Office: 1893

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February 26, 2011, No comments

With the news of the West Indianapolis Post Office closing yesterday (see the IndyStar article), here is a look at the Indianapolis Post Office of 189 ...

Knight & Jillson: A House of Pipe

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February 25, 2011, No comments

Knight & Jillson Company was a manufacturer and wholesaler of pipes of all kinds. The gas boom of central Indiana made the pipe business very lucr ...

  • Then & Now: Hannaman Building, 40-42 E. Washington Street
    February 24, 2011, 1 Comment

    One of the oldest commercial buildings in Indianapolis is in the news again as it suffers yet another “remuddling,” a derogatory term preservationists use to describe remodeling projects that have gone awry. On February 17 Property Line ...

  • WTH Weds: Lots–I
    February 23, 2011, No comments

    One of the most common WTH’s that we find are the cases where we think, “What the hell, they tore down that for this???” Quite often, this reaction is caused by the “this” being a parking lot, vacant lot, or [& ...

  • Pounds and Pets
    February 22, 2011, No comments

    Today is National Spay Day. We bet you did not know that before now. In recognition of this, we take a quick look at the history of Indianapolis dog pounds, and then some happier vintage views of pets from around […]

  • Presidents in Indianapolis
    February 21, 2011, No comments

    Today is “Presidents Day,” so we look at the US presidents who have paid visits to our city. Since Indianapolis was the railroad crossroads of America, presidents who visited the western parts of the country by rail often went t ...