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April 29, 2011

From Jennifer Capps at the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site(formerly known as Benjamin Harrison Home) comes this interesting exhibit of one of President Harrison’s top hats. This picture shows Benjamin Harrison’s silk top hat and leather carrying case. The case is […]

Then and Now: Court Street and Anthony’s Tavern, 128-134 E. Court Street

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April 28, 2011, No comments

Court Street is one of those funny downtown alleys that somehow became a street. The short street runs east and west between Market and Washington Str ...

WTH Weds: the Importance of Windows

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April 27, 2011, No comments

Today’s What the H*ll highlights why historic windows are an important piece of a structure, and why they are on Indiana Landmarks’ Endang ...

Room With A View: the Joe Everhart Office

April 26, 2011, No comments

From the office of Joe Everhart, realtor specializing in urban and historic properties around Indianapolis we offer a view from Park Avenue in the O ...

  • Building Language: False Half-Timbered
    April 26, 2011, No comments

    False Half-timbered This apartment building in the 400 block of 13th Street displays false half-timbered exterior walls. In England, France, Germany and other areas where houses were built with true half-timbers in the 16th and 17th centuri ...

  • Sunday Prayers: McKay House
    April 24, 2011, 4 Comments

    The Old Northside has few houses still in need of restoration–but none more eagerly anticipated than the Horace McKay Mansion at 13th and Broadway Streets. We understand that this home sold last year and all wait in breathless anticip ...

  • An Old Northside Church – All Souls Unitarian
    April 24, 2011, No comments

    Time to check out another Old Northside church. Or at least, former church. It’s latest use has been as a private home. The Old Northside’s Preservation Plan says this building was designed by Vonnegut, Bohn and Mueller, archit ...

  • Sunday Ad: Easter Shoes, 1904
    April 24, 2011, No comments

    This advertisement comes from the Indianapolis Recorder, the week before Easter 1904. Even then, the holiday was enough justification for stores to have big sales. George J. Marott was one of the biggest names in Indianapolis at the turn of ...

  • Old Northside & College Corner Club
    April 23, 2011, No comments

    Home of Horace and Martha Nicholson McKay at Broadway & 13th and tomorrow’s Sunday Prayers, check back! The Old Northside is bounded by the East side of Pennsylvania, 16th, Bellfontaine and I-65. According to the Indianapolis Hist ...