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May 31, 2011

Concluding Preservation Month at HI, we examine one of the biggest residential architectural murders perpetrated upon the citizenry of Indianapolis. It’s hard not to wince when passing the northeast corner of 13th and Delaware, knowing that the spires, towers and turrets […]

Room With A View: Chamber of Commerce Building

May 31, 2011, No comments

A week or so ago, we were invited to take some photos from the rooms in the Chamber of Commerce Building on North Meridian. Here are those views… ...

Building Language: International Style

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May 31, 2011, No comments

International Style. The unadorned walls, casement windows that are flush with the exterior and wrapped around one corner, flat roof and asymmetry of ...

Ladies Lounge: Invention of the Brassiere

May 31, 2011, No comments

One account marks this day in 1889, as the brassiere was introduced to the marketplace. Corset-maker Herminie Cadolle invented the ‘Well-Being&# ...

  • Preservation Affirmed: Stout Field Terminal
    May 30, 2011, 1 Comment

    Stout Field, located on south Holt Road between Minnesota and Raymond Streets, was Indianapolis’ first municipal airport. Originally known as Mars Hill Airport, for the suburb it is located in, and also simply known as Indianapolis Mu ...

  • Sunday Prayer: Alfred Glossbrenner Mansion
    May 29, 2011, No comments

    Alfred Glossbrenner, prominent early 1900s Indianapolis citizen and president of Levey Printing, built this grand mansion at 3202 (or 3210) North Meridian Street in 1910. Like other mansions on North Meridian, Glossbrenner’s home was ...

  • Allison and Wheeler Mansions
    May 29, 2011, No comments

    After their successes, three of the four founders of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Frank Wheeler, Carl Fisher, and James Allison, built mansions next to each other along Cold Springs Road. Wheeler and Allison built new homes, while Fishe ...

  • Milk: It Does A 500-Driver’s Body Good
    May 29, 2011, No comments

    The tradition of the Indianapolis 500 winner drinking a bottle of milk in the winner’s circle started in 1936, when Louis Meyer gulped a bottle of buttermilk, which his mother had suggested would be refreshing. Photographs of the drin ...

  • Sunday Advert: Nordyke & Marmon
    May 29, 2011, 1 Comment

    Here are a couple advertisements for long-time Indianapolis industrial giant, Nordyke & Marmon. The first ad is from the 1890s. At the time, Daniel Marmon, the Marmon of the Nordyke & Marmon since 1866, was the president, while his ...