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December 31, 2011

2011 was an interesting year for HI, to be sure… and while there may be more commentary forthcoming, for now let’s KISS (Keep It Simple, Sweetie) and dive into your favorite posts of 2011. Since our audience is constantly growing […]

Friday Favorite: East Street, Willis-Tate House

December 30, 2011, 2 Comments

Who doesn’t love this one? It’s a beauty–just ignore the addition to the north. Known as the Willis-Tate House, it’s commonly ...

Then and Now: The Star Store and Indiana Government Center South, 360-70 West Washington Street

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December 29, 2011, 3 Comments

L. S. Ayres & Company, Wiliam H. Block, and H. P. Wasson are the most beloved and remembered Indianapolis department stores, but many smaller stor ...

WTH Weds: ‘Tis the Season for Window Shopping

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December 28, 2011, No comments

Hope everyone had a nice holiday!  My granddaughter and I traveled to Chicago to do a little pre-Christmas window shopping along Michigan Ave.  Obvi ...

  • A Room With a View: Convention Center
    December 27, 2011, 1 Comment

    From the Convention Center to the lovely (and of course, as always preferred here, historic) St. John the Evangelist, Catholic Church–fronting Capitol at Georgia Street. A lovely view indeed.

  • Building Language: Pilaster Columns
    December 27, 2011, No comments

    Pilaster Columns. This post will attempt to dabble into the many types of architectural columns found in Indianapolis. As each type of column has a different name and standard characteristics, we’ll wet our feet today with the pilaster co ...

  • Holiday Thank you’s from Historic Indianapolis
    December 25, 2011, 2 Comments

    Rather than our usual Sunday features, in honor of the holidays, it seemed like a good time to share a small sampling of my vintage Christmas post card collection (wish I had some Chanukah ones also, but haven’t come across […]

  • Indianapolis Collected: Miracle on Washington Street
    December 24, 2011, 4 Comments

    Long before Ralphie told a bearded man in a red suit about his secret desire to own a Red Ryder BB Gun, American children have been sharing their Christmas lists with department store Santas. The long-standing marriage of Santa and [&hellip ...

  • Favorite Fridays: North & Cincinnati
    December 23, 2011, 4 Comments

    One of my favorite occurrences when out and about somewhere in the city: chancing upon an unexpected architectural gem. I can’t remember how many years ago I first passed this beauty on North Street (a block off Mass Ave), I [… ...