Month: January 2012

Room With a View: Relocation Strategies in Fountain Square

Today’s Room With a View comes from Relocation Strategies in the 900 block of Buchanan Street in Fountain Square. Their office is located in a former residence that has been repurposed as a business office.  They are proud to inhabit what was a SEND  renovation project. SEND is an acronym for Southeast Neighborhood Development, Inc., which is a non-profit community development corporation helping to revitalize the near southeast part of the city. They have a view of the downtown skyline from work, without having to fight for parking. And zoom in view… Thanks to Relocation Strategies for sharing their...

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Building Language: Window Hoods

Window Hood on 1336 North Delaware Street Hood. You might see hoods every day, but not realize the feature has a specific name and purpose. A hood is the piece found above window openings, typically of an ornate design, and only covers the top third of the opening. Hoods are commonly placed above arched or curved openings and can be included on both windows and doors. I frequently see hoods of stone in Indianapolis, this derives from its use as a drip-stone to project rainwater away from the opening. The decoration of the hood can range from simple to...

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Ladies Lounge: How You Could Rock the Super Bowl Like a Lady

Flashback to a time when more of us actually were ladies– rather than puffed up siliconed, girls-gone-wild, overly made up, super desperate for the attention of…well…anyone. I know it’s been awhile, and this may be taxing on your imagination, but go with me on this… we used to look beautiful at games, ladies. And not in the over-the-top, trying too hard way, but in day to day discourse, nothing less was allowed way. The “C” word is an affront to my eyes. And if you ever watch “What Not to Wear,” you know I’m referring to the word “comfortable.”...

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Sunday Prayers: Washington Boulevard

At first glance, one could make an argument for a ‘What the hell?’ or more like a ‘How the hell?’ –(just look at that warm and welcoming front door!) but really, once you strip away that crummy enclosed porch and get all the windows opened back up, you’d be set to watch a restoration. This home has gorgeous bones and interesting shapes–what inevitably captivates me–and let’s face it, they just don’t make ’em like this anymore. So, here’s hoping and wishing and praying that someone with the means to do so, will love this beauty back to life in...

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Sunday Ads: They would have had a booming Super Bowl business

Though G. J. Eberhardt may no longer be in business, we know there are a number of tent rental companies that are cleaning up with the influx of sports lovers, partiers and the like in the coming week. Of all coincidences, this storefront used to stand in what is now part of the convention center, a bit north of Georgia Street and south of Maryland Street, on what was Tennessee and is now Capitol. Had the Super Bowl been taking place in the era of this 1892 advert, how many downtown shops might have ordered special welcoming  or themed...

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Friday Favorite: South Meridian Queen Anne- 3 blocks from Stadium

Hard to believe there is real estate like this within easy walking distance/ view of Indy’s biggest stadium, but indeed, there is! I am a big fan of Queen Anne Victorians–especially with a turret! This is an excellent example on South Meridian; wish the commercial building in the next block was spruced up and inhabited…maybe that’ll be an SP… Where is your favorite hidden...

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WTH Weds: Send in the Clowns

Well folks, I know the whole city is getting themselves all dolled up for the Super Bowl in a couple of weeks, but I’m about to drop some bad news on you (or good news if you despise my weekly comments). I quit. But I do so graciously and not without a great deal of thanks for my dear friend Tiffany.  Around the middle of last year she witnessed me “giving the business” to some pimple-faced Starbucks barista about the poor quality of my $9 latte.  After asking her what the hell she was laughing at, we introduced ourselves...

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Room With a View: Innovate Edit, 400 block Pennsylvania

Had the pleasure of attending a networking event hosted at Innovative Edit last week– overlooking the American Legion Mall. The view in the lobby had me captivated and sparked tons of guesses on facebook a few days ago: Owner Conrad Piccirillo was kind enough to share one of the best views he’s captured from company headquarters: Most people would recognize the building as the one that recently had a few floors added to the top of it–filled with more high end downtown condo space. Looking forward to finding more sunsets like this in...

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Building Language: Art Deco

The Circle Tower, 5 East Market St, Art Deco Ornament at Entrance Art Deco. There’s something about the Art Deco style you have to love – I’ve always been drawn to the modern elements of the style that convey the jubilant mood of the 1920s. The Art Deco in Indianapolis is practically everywhere you look – from apartments to homes, tall buildings downtown, plus educational and public structures. Today, we’ll explore the captivating Art Deco style and some of its history and identifiable features. Art Deco evolved after World War I as a modernistic style in both Europe and the United...

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Ladies Lounge: Elegant Winter Wardrobe, No Clothes Required

Charm Magazine, February 1953 Today’s Ladies Lounge, brought to you by Minx Vintage & Home  Please follow Minx on facebook! and check out their vintage repertoire in the Penn Arts building- 111 E. 16th Street (between Delaware and Penn) 317-426-2824 So. You’re sitting at your favorite bar, imbibing and chatting away with one of your besties. The bar is hopping, because, well…of course, dahling: you wouldn’t spend time anywhere that doesn’t have a queue out the door every Friday and Saturday night–let’s be real. Although aforementioned door is in a constant state of opening and closing–and you’ve long since...

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Sunday Adverts: Merrill & Co. The Cornerstone of Indy’s Once Booming Book Industry

Bear this in mind, as you wander outside Lucas Oil Stadium–there is a street that runs directly into the stadium, the southern border of the post office–Merrill Street–named for Samuel Merrill, the originator of the book company featured today, and the subject of another post soon forthcoming. The well known (and nearly forgotten) Indianapolis  publisher of the panoply of beloved James Whitcomb Riley books, as well as those of Booth Tarkington, Meredith Nicholson and others, like The Joy of Cooking. We’ve previously covered some of the various incarnations of the book company that was last recognizable by the name...

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Sunday Prayers: Governor Morton School No. 29

Located at 2101 North College Avenue (across from another to-be-featured prayer property) are two very old brick buildings–one Italianate that faces 20th Street and this larger and more grand building facing College Avenue. Facing College, we see the name of our famed Civil War era governor “Oliver P. Morton School” etched into the arch, with flanking “No. 29” on either side.  Both buildings are lovely but look in dire need of help. Through the grapevine, we have heard that this property is being used as a private residence, and a glimpse towards one of the windows looked like it...

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Indianapolis Collected: What goes around, comes around – the oval road to the Super Bowl.

Celluloid pin promoting the 1898 League of American Wheelmen National Meet. There’ll be plenty of credit to go around when Indianapolis hosts the Super Bowl next month. The entrepreneurs who put a racetrack in a cornfield, the political leaders who built a stadium without a football team, and the visionaries who positioned Indy as the amateur sports capital of the world – these and many others helped pave the road that led the Super Bowl to Indianapolis. But all roads have to start somewhere. In 1898, Arthur C. Newby laid one of the first planks in the Super-highway to...

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Indianapolis Then and Now: West Market Street and the 500 Festival Parade

Thanks to Jon Berg, a Historic Indianapolis reader, who shared this photograph at the Indiana Album Scan-a-Thon at the Harrison Center for the Arts earlier this month. The caption for this parade image reveals that it was taken on May 29, 1957 for the first Indianapolis 500 Festival.  A band marches east on West Market Street toward Monument Circle. Parade viewers are lined up ten deep in front of Hooks Drugs, G. C. Murphy Co., and Holland’s Cocktail Lounge. (Indiana Album, United Press Telephoto dated May 1957, loaned by Jon Berg) A brief history of the 500 Festival is...

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Building Language: Battlement

Battlement on 725 Massachusetts Avenue Battlement. Although you might associate this term with medieval buildings or a castle, Indianapolis historic buildings feature battlements as a decorative motif. Historically, battlements served in a defensive function for medieval castles, while in 19th and 20th century American architecture, they are used to embellish parapet walls. A battlement includes two features, the merlon, which is the solid section that rises vertically from the wall, and the crenel, the open space between each merlon. The subsequent use of several alternating merlons and crenels creates the battlement. One can also employ the term embattlement in the same...

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Ladies Lounge: 2012 Golden Globes, Reimagined Worst to Best

With all the money, stylists, designers, and the like, how can Hollywood still turn out this many ladies looking this wrong? Most of them are physically fit, and therefore have a great frame to start with, and yet, still waaaaay miss the mark. How do you assess a woman and her dress? First, look at body type–in that industry, it’s filled with mostly curvy, tiny or statuesque Barbies; second, coloring; third,  age; fourth, personal style/ brand. See if you agree with my suggestions– taking some part element of the attire and picking a vintage alternative… giving deference to the...

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Sunday Prayers: Preserve Meaningful Places, Like Cadle Tabernacle

Postmarked 1923 Talk with most anyone about what they’d like their legacy to be and they won’t enumerate an endless list of  specific things, but rather, speak in general terms, like: “I want to have contributed/ made a difference to …..” (fill in the blank). I often think of this when examining the pieces and/or stories of  the past. Some of the people who made a difference ‘live on’ through buildings, names, traditions and the like. Much like a dog remarking an already damp lamp post, those of the current generation appear ever eager to wipe away remnants of...

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Sunday Ads: Imperial Roofing Tiles in Meridian Kessler

This was a nifty find–and advert for Imperial Roofing Tiles, offices in Chicago and New York, featuring the home of E. E. Crane of Indianapolis, George & McLucas, Architects. So much the niftier that the home still stands on Washington Boulevard, presumably as part of the historic Meridian Kessler neighborhood. This 1927 advert showcases the multi-colored roofing tiles, and since I’m not keen on trespassing on private property–well, certainly night when there is a high probability of being caught, anyway, I couldn’t discern from the street whether or not that same tile is in place. If it is, it’s...

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