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January 31, 2013

Since 1922, the annual Indianapolis Home Show has introduced the latest trends in home design and landscaping. Many of the centerpiece homes, originally constructed in the exposition building at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, were later rebuilt on lots around the […]

WTH Weds: Won’t you (not) be my Neighbor?

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January 30, 2013, 2 Comments

Something is missing here, and it’s not just windows. There’s got to be a back-story–perhaps some long, drawn out Hatfields vs. McCo ...

A Room with a View – City-County Observation Deck (western view)

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January 29, 2013, 3 Comments

When were you last on the observation deck of the City-County Building? The hodgepodge collection of Indianapolis memorabilia and newspaper clipping ...

HI Mailbag: Marshall “Major” Taylor

January 29, 2013, 8 Comments

Reader’s Question:  I recall that cyclist Marshall “Major” Taylor was born in Indianapolis.  Do you have any details about his ear ...

  • Sunday Ads: Landscape Architect
    January 27, 2013, 3 Comments

    One of the wonderful surprises of old city directories is finding adverts in the margins and below the regular listings. This one from 1940 advertises Indianapolis Landscape architect, Alembert W. Brayton, Jr. Not being from the world of la ...

  • Family Tree: Our Female Ancestors
    January 26, 2013, 6 Comments

    As family historians, we often focus on our male relatives. After all, they are the ones who give us our surnames, and they are often much easier to locate in records. However, by focusing on the males in our lineage we […]

  • Flats Lost & Saved: Northwest Quad
    January 26, 2013, 4 Comments

    The St. Clair, built at 107-109 West St. Clair Street in 1899, is a true example of a flat saved then lost.  According to the National Register of Historic Places nomination form for apartments and flats, John James Cooper of […]

  • The Least You Should Know About the Athenaeum
    January 25, 2013, 7 Comments

    The location of what we now know as The Athenaeum was chosen for its proximity to a main transportation line, in one of the most densely populated sections of the city and near “Germantown,” which was bounded by New York [&helli ...

  • Indianapolis Then and Now: Das Deutsche Haus / Athenaeum
    January 24, 2013, 1 Comment

    As a short history for Historic fans who plan to attend the International I-Spy Game this Saturday, we repeat Joan Hostetler’s Das Deutsche Haus / Athenaeum Then and Now article from October. Befitting a city with suc ...