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September 30, 2015

Postmarked:  SOUTH BEND, IND.    October ? 1915   12:30 AM Message:  Dear Mr. Riley, I want to tell you that my birthday comes on the same day that yours does.  I wish you a happy birthday. Lovelingly [sic], Dorothy Locke […]

HI Mailbag: 2147 North Talbott Street

September 29, 2015, 12 Comments

Reader’s Question: I own several properties in the vicinity of 22nd and Talbott.  I am intrigued by a building at 2147 N. Talbott Street, which ...

Misc Monday: A Ku Klux Quaker?

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September 28, 2015, 6 Comments

Women are often the most fascinating characters in Hoosier history. Their lives continue to be relevant to pressing issues today.  Yet while most not ...

At Your Leisure: That’s the Spirit!

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September 25, 2015, 2 Comments

It’s easy to pick out an out-of-towner at the grocery store on a Sunday. Often times he or she will walk confidently up to the cash register holdin ...

  • Penny Post: Dear Uncle and Aunt
    September 23, 2015, 3 Comments

    Postmark:  OCT 12 1924    INDIANAPOLIS, IND.    CLK. R. M. S. Message:  Dear Uncle and Aunt, How are you?  I am all ok.  I went to church this morning and am going to the Tabernacle to hear a minister […]

  • Misc Monday: Of Spirits and Soldiers
    September 21, 2015, 2 Comments

    Fall is here.  So it’s time to keep on the spectral side of life. On June 6, 1910, the Indianapolis News carried the obituary of a woman once hailed as the patron saint of Hoosier Civil War veterans.  Appearing above […]

  • The Crumbling Crossroads of America
    September 19, 2015, 2 Comments

    “Practically every great city has to be a geographic crossroads before it can become a great city,” the National Geographic Society wrote in its November 1925 bulletin. The crossroads of the sea at the Panama Canal, the crossro ...

  • At Your Leisure: Football Fantasies
    September 18, 2015, 1 Comment

    Monday night kicks off another exciting slate of home games for the Indianapolis Colts. The nation’s eyes will be on the Circle City for what will be one of the most watched sports programs of the week. Expectations are high […]

  • Penny Post: Hotel English
    September 16, 2015, No comments

    Dated:  Oct 13  07  Caption: “Finest Soldiers Monument In The World 285 Ft. High”   Message: This is called the circle.   H. Penny for your thoughts: This promotional postcard was likely available in the lobby of the H ...