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December 30, 2015

Postmarked:  DEC 23 1911      MILLER’S FERRY, ALA. Message:  This is from a colored [sic] lady teacher way down in the Black Belt, who heard you recite in Knoxville Theater, Tenn. several years ago and holds this in joyful […]

Penny Post: We got a Xmas tree

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December 23, 2015, No comments

  Postmark:   INDIANAPOLIS, IND.      9 PM     1 DEC 1965 Message:  Tues eve, 10:10 PM Folks- Few words to let you know we are OK.  We g ...

HI Mailbag: Christmas, A Century Ago

December 22, 2015, 11 Comments

Reader’s Question: Could you provide some details about the ways in which Christmas was celebrated in Indianapolis, a century ago? ~ Mary A., ...

At Your Leisure: Flying Around the Track

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December 18, 2015, 1 Comment

Indy has been abuzz about aviation in the news this past week. First, the ultimately aborted downtown ‘buzz-by’ from a Boeing 747, which f ...

  • Penny Post: I want to know I am all OK
    December 16, 2015, No comments

      Postmark:  INDIANAPOLIS, IND.       STA. A       SEP 16, 1908      6 P M Message:  Sept 15th Dear Corwin, My park days soon will be over.  Did your Pa get the ten dollars I […]

  • Misc Monday: The World League for a Sane Christmas
    December 14, 2015, No comments

    Oh, tired Christmas shoppers!  Burned out on commercial Christmases?  So were people back in 1911, when a league that sought to call a halt to unfettered Christmas gift-giving established its national headquarters in Indianapolis. If the ...

  • At Your Leisure: At the Y
    December 11, 2015, 1 Comment

    As the ribbon is cut on the sparkling new YMCA in downtown Indianapolis, many youthful downtown residents are eagerly awaiting spacious new digs to serve their fitness needs. The “M” in said organization stands for Men, and prior to the ...

  • Penny Post: Will write soon
    December 9, 2015, No comments

    Postmark:  INDIANAPOLIS, IND.     NOV 1, 1909     10 – PM Message:  Don’t write until you hear from [me] again.  Will write soon. H.L.S. Addressee:  Mr. Frank Brooks Chanute, Kans Room 44 c/o Morrill Holet [sic]   ...

  • HI Mailbag: 1037-1039 East Tabor Street
    December 8, 2015, No comments

    Reader’s Question: My brother and I have purchased 1037-1039 East Tabor Street and are completely redoing it.  We would like to know when the structure was built, who built it, and any information you might have about people who ...

  • Misc Monday: Die Weihnachtseinkäufe
    December 7, 2015, 1 Comment

    Die Weihnachtszeit ist nahe.  Christmas time is near. That’s not an ad from overseas.  At the turn of the 20th century, Indianapolis had a thriving German-speaking population. The major local German newspaper in 1900, the Indiana Tr ...