Month: January 2016

HI Mailbag: Stone Bridge Over Pleasant Run

Reader’s Question:  There is a beautiful stone bridge over Pleasant Run Parkway near Colorado Avenue.  Would you have any idea when it was built?  Local historians have researched to no avail, but they believe it was early to mid-1800’s. Would appreciate any information you might have. ~ Lisa L., Indianapolis   HI’s Answer:  The stone structure that arches over Pleasant Run Parkway, Pleasant Run Creek, and Pleasant Run Trail did not always appear as it appears today.  Originally, there was a bridge that simply supported the train tracks as they crossed over the creek in its rural setting.  The farmland...

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At Your Leisure: Snack Time

An unfortunate truth about downtown Indianapolis streetscapes is the “missing teeth” in what was once a picture-perfect urban smile. Suburbanization took its toll, particularly in the once-bustling retail districts. One stretch that remained noticeably neglected, even after the renaissance brought on by the opening of Circle Centre Mall, is the first block of East Washington Street. Just over a decade ago, the block consisted primarily of empty storefronts, unused upper floors, and a sidewalk strewn with glass from window panes falling from the McQuat building. During those dark days, a demolition occurred that brought down a location which had been feeding...

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HI Mailbag: 1215 Kessler Boulevard East Drive

Reader’s question: There is a large white frame house on Kessler Boulevard, a couple of blocks east of the Monon Trail, that I have admired for years.  It appears to be much older than the homes around it, as well as on a bigger lot.  Would you have any information on its history? ~ Lois H., Indianapolis      HI’s Answer:  The address of the house to which you refer is 1215 Kessler Boulevard East Drive. At approximately 130 years of age and with more than 4,100 square feet on nearly two acres of land, it is definitely older and larger than most of...

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At Your Leisure: Third Time’s a Charm?

This is a patch that a Frisch’s carhop would have worn during the Fifties and Sixties. (Image: eBay) Some sizable restaurant news hit this past fall. The CEO of the Atlanta-based company that bought the iconic Frisch’s Big Boy chain of family restaurants announced bold intentions to expand throughout the Circle City. While some may roll their eyes at yet another out-of-state chain eatery setting its sights on our seemingly ever-expanding waist lines, this is hardly the first run-in we’ve had from the giant burger wielding caricature who stands guard in front of every location. Many can recall two failed...

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