Month: May 2016

Deja Vu Tuesday: For Whom the Bell Tolls

During a recent campaign stop in Indiana, Donald Trump told a cheering crowd that the job of running for office was so hard that the actual job of being president would be easy by comparison. “It’s harder to get into Harvard than it is to stay there,” Trump said. “It’s harder to become president than it is to do a good job.” Although it’s a safe bet that Trump will reverse his position on the relative difficulty of serving as Leader of the Free World after a couple of hours in the Oval Office, he is right about one...

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HI Mailbag: 1701 Gent Avenue

Reader’s Question: Can you provide the history of who owned the property at 1701 Gent Avenue and the businesses that occupied it over the years?  ~ Jeff C. HI’s Answer:  For readers who may not be familiar with its location, Gent Avenue is a relatively short street on the near northwest side, extending from Indiana Avenue at its south end to West 22nd Street at its north end, between Fall Creek on the east and White River on the west. Prior to the establishment of building lots in the area, which was late in the nineteenth century, the land was for many years farmed by...

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