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May 10, 2016

During a recent campaign stop in Indiana, Donald Trump told a cheering crowd that the job of running for office was so hard that the actual job of being president would be easy by comparison. “It’s harder to get into […]

Penny Post: A Beauty From You!

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May 4, 2016, 1 Comment

Postmark: INDIANAPOLIS, IND.      JUL 21, 1909     630 PM Message: Indianapolis, Ind 7/21/09 Dear Friend, Am almost ashamed to send this cheap li ...

HI Mailbag: 1701 Gent Avenue

May 3, 2016, 4 Comments

Reader’s Question: Can you provide the history of who owned the property at 1701 Gent Avenue and the businesses that occupied it over the years ...

Sunday Ads: Another Ripple in the Stream

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May 1, 2016, 1 Comment

Business:  American Town Lot Co. Date of Ad:  April 30, 1916 Location:  North Side, between the White River and the Central Canal between 51st and ...