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Fall Creek Boulevard
August 31, 2016

Postmark: Indianapolis  Ind    May 12 1909   3:30PM Message: Say it is great here. Enjoying it fine. Addressee: Miss Laura Guess, Horton, Kans (Our) Post Script: It IS pretty great here, especially along this lovely boulevard–thank you, George Edward […]

Sunday Ads: The King of Buicks

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August 28, 2016, No comments

Business:  Monarch Buick Date of Ad:  August 23, 1936 Location:  958-1002 North Meridian Street, Midtown Years of Operation: 1934-1970 Notable: Mon ...

What was 38th Street like back when...

Penny Post: Weather Report, 100 Years Ago

August 24, 2016, 3 Comments

Postmark: Indianapolis Ind   Aug 22 1916  9:30PM   Message: My dear sister: Aug 22. 1916. This is ___and I never got a letter from home. Can yo ...

Deja Vu Tuesday: The Know Nothing Party of Indiana

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August 23, 2016, 3 Comments

Imagine for a moment that you’re living in a world where families are struggling to make ends meet. Where hard-working citizens are losing their ...

  • Sunday Ads: The Start of One Stop Shopping?
    August 21, 2016, 2 Comments

    Business:  Wm. H. Block and Company Date of Ad:  August 15, 1926 Location:  Block’s Department Store, Southwest corner of Market and Illinois, downtown Indianapolis Years of Operation: 1874-1987 Notable: While strolling the cavernous e ...

  • Indianapolis Attractions According to the 1890 State Fair Guide
    Friday Fave: After 1890 State Fair, See This!
    August 19, 2016, 2 Comments

    Visitors from all over the state come to see and show at the Indiana State Fair. Check out the non-fair recommendations from the 1890 State Fair Visitor’s Guide–the last year before moving to its current location. “Visito ...

  • Then & Now: Indiana State Fair & Expo
    August 18, 2016, 3 Comments

    The location, scale and wares have changed, but the premise remains the same: gather Indiana’s best art, agriculture, science and industry for concentrated display and consumption. The State Fair is a coveted Hoosier tradition begun in 1 ...

  • Penny Post- Across the Street
    August 17, 2016, No comments

    Message on front: I am located across the street from here. Address here: 1441 Fairfield Ave. Indianapolis Postmark: INDIANAPOLIS, IND   MAY 2 1944    3PM and Osborn Ohio   May 3 1944   7AM Message on back: Dear Mom, […]

  • Sunday Ads: State Fair: September 17-22, 1888
    August 14, 2016, 1 Comment

    A few ads and other info from the State Fair program from the 1888 State Fair. Hotel English–before it consumed the entire northwest quadrant of the circle. General Fair information: 10 cents round trip on a street car? If only those ...

  • Friday Fave: State Fair Souvenirs
    August 12, 2016, No comments

    Some people must have a tangible memento of places visited, others prefer photos, and still others are content to make memories. While memories may wash away like footprints in the sand, photos and souvenirs can live on long after you’ ...