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Woot Woot for the Wooton- The King of Desks

In the 21st century, we have an endless supply of choices to help organize and store important paperwork and correspondence. In the last quarter of the 19th century, the organizer of choice was not only functional, but an elegant piece of cabinetry that made a statement about a businessman’s station in society.  The Wooton Desk Company of Indianapolis was only in business for about 15 years, but its lifetime coincided with an era that witnessed a sharp increase in the number of offices and office workers. Such time-saving inventions as the typewriter, letter duplicating devices, and carbon paper generated...

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IndyView Revisited: Monumental view from South Meridian

You may have seen some of the “Then and Now” photo websites and groups such as and Looking Into the Past on Flickr that incorporate the old and new by superimposing historical images atop the same site as it appears today. Try it yourself: Bring a historic photo to the exact location the photo was taken. Hold up the photo at arm’s length, and match up with roof lines, curbs, or other parts of the image that still exist. Then snap a picture with your camera of your hand holding the photo. (more detailed instructions can be found...

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Fall in Franklin

Early fall is a great time to leave the big city behind, and take a day trip to one of our area’s lovely small towns. The town of Franklin is only about a half hour’s drive from downtown just off of I-65, and boasts a wealth of historic buildings. The jewel of the well-preserved downtown area is the County Courthouse, built between 1879-1882. It was designed by George W. Bunting, known as one of the most prolific designers of county courthouses in Indiana. The revival of the Artcraft Theatre is a shining example of historic preservation done right. This...

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Favorite Friday: Indianapolis Terra Cotta Company

It’s hard to think of any one company that had more influence on the look of Indianapolis than the Indianapolis Terra Cotta Company. The Indianapolis Terra Cotta Company (along with its parent company, the American Terra Cotta Company) was a prominent leader in the early 20th century in the development of architectural cladding and decorative details that were attractive, easy to maintain, and low-cost (compared to the earlier stone decorations). The repeated design motif was a popular architectural technique in the early 1900s, and terra cotta was a cost-efficient way to achieve this look. In the 1920s and 30s,...

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