Author: Libby Cierzniak

Indianapolis Collected: Statehouse Salvage

Anyone who has ever restored an old house knows that one of the biggest challenges they will ever face is finding either original fixtures or faithful reproductions to replace the avocado toilets, track lighting and vinyl floors that were installed by well-meaning but apparently taste-deficient former owners. Imagine, then, the challenges faced by restoration experts in the late 1980s when they undertook the daunting task of restoring Indiana’s Statehouse to its Victorian grandeur. Over the past 100 years, the public areas of the 1888 building had undergone several extensive “modernizations” in an effort to accommodate both the changing tastes...

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Indianapolis Collected: Spoils of the Newspaper Wars

During the first week of June 1903, aspiring publisher George McCulloch paid a hot air balloonist $650 to drift over the countryside and drop 500,000 paper stars. Indianapolis residents were puzzled by this strange turn of events, which culminated on June 5 when thousands of additional stars were scattered from the top of the Soldiers & Sailors Monument. The mystery of the falling stars was solved the following morning, when Indianapolis residents woke up to find a free copy of the inaugural edition of the Indianapolis Star on their doorsteps. Although it’s doubtful that any of McCulloch’s stars still...

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