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A mosaic of random favorites from Indy history

December 28, 2016

Head north on Illinois to the northwest corner at Washington and back 104 years and this is approximately what you would see. Postmarked December 28, 1907 and reads: “All drunk & having a good time–Happy New Year” Were you to […]

First Fridays- Art & History, the two tastes that go great together...

Friday Fave: Indy loves vets

November 11, 2016, No comments

Hoosiers will never be said to lack in appreciation for the veterans and heroes who have served our nation. Beam with pride wherever you encounter a v ...

Indianapolis Attractions According to the 1890 State Fair Guide

Friday Fave: After 1890 State Fair, See This!

August 19, 2016, 2 Comments

Visitors from all over the state come to see and show at the Indiana State Fair. Check out the non-fair recommendations from the 1890 State Fair Visi ...

Friday Fave: State Fair Souvenirs

August 12, 2016, No comments

Some people must have a tangible memento of places visited, others prefer photos, and still others are content to make memories. While memories may wa ...

  • Friday Favorite: Brick Double, Fletcher Place
    April 1, 2016, 5 Comments

    There are so many special buildings and places to love in Fletcher Place, but this one is a standout, as it is so unusual compared to other homes in the area. The earliest listing for the property found in old […]

  • Friday Favorites: Service, Unsung
    July 25, 2014, 2 Comments

    MythBusters: Tell me what you think you know about the Daughters of the American Revolution, also known as D.A.R. Does the name conjure up certain images… a sea of grey hair, perhaps? Tables of tea cozies and scones? Knitting needles, ...

  • Friday Favorites: Sweet Caroline
    July 18, 2014, 1 Comment

    How Do You Not Know This Woman? Not just “Benjamin Harrison’s wife,” she was accomplished and elegant. She was a deft leader among women at a time when the idea of women’s rights was just beginning to gain tractio ...

  • Friday Favorites: Grave Concerns
    July 11, 2014, 8 Comments

    Is that Cemetery Cymbal-ism? A walk through any graveyard will draw the eye and the imagination to the most unique monuments. Many of these memorials would have plenty to reveal about their plot’s occupant —  if only the rock ...

  • Friday Favorites: Raggedy Ann and Indy
    July 4, 2014, No comments

    Happy Independence Day, Indy! Baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and … Raggedy Ann. It’s hard to find anything more “Americana” than the perpetually-perky little red, white, and blue doll. Were you aware that she has an In ...