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Indy related post cards penned decades ago

September 7, 2016

Postmark: BLOOMFIELD, IND   MAY 23 1910   12  M Message: Bloomfield, Ind.  May 22, 10. Do you recognize this building. This is where the “going down” was so pleasant. Did you have a nice trip to the “Home” ? I don’t […]

Fall Creek Boulevard

Penny Post: It is Great Here

August 31, 2016, No comments

Postmark: Indianapolis  Ind    May 12 1909   3:30PM Message: Say it is great here. Enjoying it fine. Addressee: Miss Laura Guess, Horton, Kans (Ou ...

What was 38th Street like back when...

Penny Post: Weather Report, 100 Years Ago

August 24, 2016, 3 Comments

Postmark: Indianapolis Ind   Aug 22 1916  9:30PM   Message: My dear sister: Aug 22. 1916. This is ___and I never got a letter from home. Can yo ...

Penny Post- Across the Street

August 17, 2016, No comments

Message on front: I am located across the street from here. Address here: 1441 Fairfield Ave. Indianapolis Postmark: INDIANAPOLIS, IND   MAY 2 1944 ...

  • Penny Post: August 1916
    August 10, 2016, No comments

    Postmark: INDIANAPOLIS, IND   AUG 3 1916   10:30PM Message: Indianapolis, INd.  Aug. 3. 16. Dear Mother: am on the road now. Will come home as soon as I can get home. Answer at once. Your son Herbert. Address. H. […]

  • Building a Network, 1906 style
    August 3, 2016, 1 Comment

    Today, you can interface with any number of people through various social media channels, but 100+ years ago, you might have used…a post card. Postmark: Indianapolis, IND, December 7, 1906 2PM Olean, NY, December 8, 1906 10:30AM Messa ...

  • Penny Post: Baby Girl Arrived
    June 22, 2016, No comments

    Postmark: February 22nd, 1913 Message: Dear Edna, Baby girl arrived at our house yesterday morning it weighs 10 lbs naked.  With love, (ans soon) Florence. Address: Miss. Edna Startin Wanamaker, Ind R.R. #33, Box #79 Penny for Your Thought ...

  • Penny Post: I Can’t Come Up Yet
    June 15, 2016, No comments

    Postmark: September 28th, 1909 Message: Dear Friend, I got your card O.K. I would like to have that place up there but I can’t come up yet for 2 weeks.  I don’t suppose you can wait that long so I […]