The Meeting House on a fall day, 2013. Photo courtesy of Lisa Lorentz.



Big Run Baptist Church near the turn of the 20th century. Image courtesy of FTHS. Follow the organization on Facebook for more historical photos.

If you didn’t already know these fascinating facts, it’s time you got over to the Franklin Township Historical Society’s Meeting House, located at 6510 S. Franklin Road. The FTHS, is housed in the former Big Run Baptist Church (1871), a beautifully preserved structure that served a congregation until 1977 and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1995. Inside this one-room building, the FTHS maintains a museum where one can get up close and personal with hundreds of historic items, many of which visitors can (respectfully) touch and try — like a petting zoo of ancient implements.


The joy of this museum is its interactive nature. Gentle exploration of most artifacts is encouraged. Image courtesy of Lisa Lorentz.

davido FTHS board meber addressses students

A FTHS volunteer and board member orients students to the museum’s treasures and stories. Image credit: FTHS


Guess what these might have been used for…
Image courtesy of Lisa Lorentz

The FTHS is open for tours from 1 to 4 p.m. on the first Saturday and third Sunday of each month from March through October. They offer quite a wide variety of high-quality community programs, including group tours of the Meeting House for schools, clubs, scout troops, and other groups. FTHS volunteers are always on hand to answer questions about exhibits or to help research specific topics of interest. No admission is charged.

During the months of operation, the organization offers special themed programs. Presentations feature experts, authors, and artifacts such as vintage postcards, quilts, apparel, antique toys, comic books, sports memorabilia, etc.


Vintage dresses on loan for a recent historic apparel event hosted by FTHS. Image credit: FTHS


Women’s dress heels from the 1930s. Image credit: FTHS


Ladies handbag detail, circa 1860. Image credit FTHS


Ladies swim shoes, circa 1910. Image credit FTHS


Ladies bonnet detail circa 1860. Image credit FTHS


Ladies clothing, circa 1910. Image credit FTHS

This is only a taste of what the  Franklin Township Historical Society offers for your next rainy day adventure. Check out their website and Facebook page for upcoming event dates, featured collections, and current operating hours.

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