Penny Post: Many Happy Years Be Thine

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Postmarked: IND.,  JUN 3, 1913 – 6 PM


Many happy years be thine,
Full of golden hours,
Both their shadow and their shine
Bring forth sweet flowers.


Tuesday Afternoon

My dear Elizabeth –

If nothing presents, Stella will go to your house Thursday morning.

Hope you are getting along all right. Tell & I are thinking of going to the banquet tonight, –

I do not feel much like going but guess I’ll go any way. I still have rheumatism but think I’ll be better when weather is more settled.

Received your letter yesterday. Lovingly, Mama


Addressed to:

Mrs. J.R. Carr

63 N. Irvington Ave,




A penny for your thoughts … What 2014 event are you etching in your mental Historic Indianapolis memory book?

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About the Author

Ashley Haynes is from Indianapolis and grew up bringing storybook characters to life in her imagination. Now, she peers into the history of old buildings, letters, and postcards, imagining the lives of the people who touched the stair-rail or held the pen.

One Comment on "Penny Post: Many Happy Years Be Thine"

  1. Basil Berchekas Jr December 31, 2014 at 12:35 pm · Reply

    Irvington, the addressee’s location, had only been in Indianapolis’ corporate limits a decade at that time, so Irvington still had a “suburban” “feel” at that time…and with Butler still there, a separate “college town” atmosphere…(I went to Howe HS, so I had several friends over that way..)

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