Colonel Mustard… in the Library… with a Button Hook.
Wait. What’s a button hook? 
Long before the invention of spandex and Velcro, our ancestors wore a number of button-up garments, such as shoes, dresses and gloves. A Victorian era lady could take hours to dress. Without the assistance of a button hook (such as the one above recently found on eBay) to assist her with buttoning her garments, a corseted lady who didn’t have a maid to help her dress might never get downstairs to dinner.
blocks 6
The basic design of a button hook was comprised of a handle and a “hook” or metal rod with a small three-quarter round protrusion to catch around the button and pull it through the button hole. Button hooks came in a variety of styles — fancy to purely practical — and they were a popular advertising premium for department stores and shoe shops. The featured Indy advertising item this week is a button hook from the William H. Block Company — an Indianapolis-based department store founded in 1907.

Do you remember Block’s?