Sunday Adverts: P.R. Mallory & Co.

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In 1916, Philip Rogers Mallory founded the P.R. Mallory & Co. in Port Chester, New York.  Mallory moved the company’s headquarters to Indianapolis in 1924, where it remained until 1978.  In 1960, Philip passed control of the company to his son, George Barron Mallory.  In 1964, P.R. Mallory & Co. registered the Duracell trademark.

In 1975, Philip Rogers Mallory passed away at the age of 90.  In 1978, Dart Industries purchased the Duracell division of P.R. Mallory & Co. In 1985, the fragmented metal alloys division was collected by Brian Nathan, a former P.R. Mallory & Co. employee, and now exists as the Mallory Group, headquartered in the U.K.  George Barron Mallory passed away the same year.

During its over fifty year history in Indianapolis, P.R. Mallory & Co. was headquartered at 3029 E. Washington Street, near the intersection of Rural and Washington Streets.

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Jessica Ballard-Barnett is a lawyer by day, and an amateur historian by night. A lifelong Indianapolis resident, she has a passion for old houses with velvet wallpaper, graveyards with ominous markers, and religious relics.

3 Comments on "Sunday Adverts: P.R. Mallory & Co."

  1. Julie Bush December 29, 2013 at 10:29 am · Reply

    Fascinating! Too bad we don’t have more companies like this locally in Indy as we did back in the day.

  2. basil berchekas jr December 29, 2013 at 2:33 pm · Reply

    In early 1955, just before Huntsville, Alabama was chosen by the US Army to house the aerospace and defense program at Redstone Arsenal with former German rocket scientist Werner Von Braun to head it up, P R Mallory company opened Mallory Capacitor at Huntsville on US 231 in what were cotton fields (now considered in “Central Huntsville”). The employee who went down there to locate the plant site and open the plant operations (he stayed there in travel status for about a year) is now retired (unfortunately I don’t remember his name) and was a friend of my Dad, who worked at Naval Avionics. We all lived around East 21st and Emerson. They knew each other from professional engineering meetings that engineers of various skillsets held around town. Mallory Capacitor is now Arora Technologies. Just trivia!

  3. Charlie E, Gurr May 27, 2016 at 4:15 pm · Reply

    I was an employee if the Malloy, Camden, TN. plant from 1969 to 1979. Was there any retirement program in place at that time? The union caused the facility to close. I am now 72 yrs of age. I served t Electrical Eng Mgr.. and had served as the Quality Assurance Manager until closing.

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