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  • Room With a View: 2050 North Delaware
    March 13, 2012, No comments

    It’s always fun checking out the views from within the confines of an historic home–the romantic in my inevitably ponders how much the streetscape has changed or remained the same in the past 100+ years. This view is looking nor ...

  • Favorite Fridays: Wishard Estate
    March 9, 2012, 11 Comments

    For those of us who are overly sentimental and who also happen to live in historic homes, it seems a common practice–maybe even a point of pride–to refer to the home not with the surname of the current owner, but […]

  • Sunday Prayers: Peter Pan Lives on Central
    February 26, 2012, 8 Comments

      Refusing to accept that people are uninterested in history, it might be fair to nickname me a bit of a “Peter Pan.” I am convinced the more people learn of their heritage, the richer their lives–you just have to [&h ...

  • Favorite Friday: Talbott Avenue Double
    November 18, 2011, No comments

    There are lots of doubles similar to this one, but the new paint job has me stopping and staring every time I pass this one. Throw the autumn leaves in front and I’m swooning! Sometimes a paint job can really […]

  • Favorite Victorian
    November 11, 2011, 2 Comments

    It was discontinued for a time, but the more time I spend exploring Indianapolis, the more places I find that captivate me. Today’s example makes me smile. What is more beautiful than a lovingly restored and painted Queen Anne? Truth ...

  • Let’s Play: Connect the Dots, Indianapolis
    September 26, 2011, 2 Comments

    When you pass by streets and homes, do you observe merely an old house here or a plot of land there, or a story—awaiting discovery? Invisible lines string events, places, people, past and present all together—like a floating necklace or ...

  • Sunday Prayers: A Cottage For a Herron-Morton Home
    August 28, 2011, No comments

    This dear little Herron-Morton Place cottage was likely built when the smells from the State Fair undoubtedly wafted over this roofline. Yes, it is next to a parking lot (once home to the Morton Place Stables and later the Morton […]

  • WTH Weds: Former Block Mansion Site
    May 4, 2011, No comments

    As mentioned earlier this week in the Preservation Denied: William H. Block Mansion article, we feature the building that replaced that historic mansion as this week’s WTH.  This ranch-style cinder block replacement was constructed a ...