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October 16, 2016

Business:  Burger Chef Systems  Date of Ad:  April 6, 1966 Location:  1300 West 16th Street and across the nation Years of Operation: 1958-1996 Notable:  Over a dozen years before the Happy Meal, local fast food stalwart Burger Chef was in […]

Sunday Ads: Music to Your Ears

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October 9, 2016, No comments

Business:  Wilking Music Company  Date of Ad:  October 13th, 1940 Location:  120 East Ohio Street, near Massachusetts Avenue Years of Operation: 1 ...

Sunday Ad’s: We’ve got you! Hook, Line and Sinker

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October 2, 2016, No comments

Business:  Hook’s Drugs Date of Ad:  July 29, 1906 Location:  Various Locations, Originally Prospect and East (demolished) Years of Operation: 19 ...

Sunday Ads: Be a Good Sport!

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September 25, 2016, No comments

Business:  Em-Roe Distributors Date of Ad:  July 29, 1906 Location:  Downtown – 209-211 West Washington Street Years of Operation: 1913- 2015 ...

  • Penny Post: Baby Girl Arrived
    June 22, 2016, No comments

    Postmark: February 22nd, 1913 Message: Dear Edna, Baby girl arrived at our house yesterday morning it weighs 10 lbs naked.  With love, (ans soon) Florence. Address: Miss. Edna Startin Wanamaker, Ind R.R. #33, Box #79 Penny for Your Thought ...

  • Penny Post: I Can’t Come Up Yet
    June 15, 2016, No comments

    Postmark: September 28th, 1909 Message: Dear Friend, I got your card O.K. I would like to have that place up there but I can’t come up yet for 2 weeks.  I don’t suppose you can wait that long so I […]

  • Penny Post: A Beauty From You!
    May 4, 2016, 1 Comment

    Postmark: INDIANAPOLIS, IND.      JUL 21, 1909     630 PM Message: Indianapolis, Ind 7/21/09 Dear Friend, Am almost ashamed to send this cheap little card after getting the beauty from you.  Have tried for six weeks to get […]

  • Penny Post: Was Pleased To Hear From You
    April 27, 2016, 1 Comment

    Postmark: INDIANAPOLIS, IND.     OCT 13, 1915     930 AM Message: 10-13-15 Dear Mrs. Seerley, Your car rec’d was pleased to hear from you & that you were having a good time the auxiliary was out to Mrs. […]