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  • HI Mailbag: Indianapolis’ Upside-Down House
    January 15, 2013, 27 Comments

    Reader’s Question: Do you know where I could locate a photo of an upside-down house that was located at the intersection of West Washington St. and Rockville Rd.?  ~ Roberta Lakin Swisher, Indianapolis HI’s Answer: In the mid- ...

  • Building Language: Dormer Windows
    November 27, 2012, 2 Comments

    Dormer Windows. A dormer window is a window that projects out from a sloping roof, vertically placed, featuring its own structure with sides and a roof. The dormer window may feature a small gabled end over the window depending on [… ...

  • Sunday Prayer: Some Good for Guilford?
    November 18, 2012, 4 Comments

    With apologies for the hiatus… Couple weeks ago I went on a random wander about the city as I am sometimes wont to do. If you want to really get to know the city, I highly recommend it. This onetime […]

  • Friday Favorite: Rink Mansion, Meridian at 21st
    October 12, 2012, 4 Comments

    Until a few decades ago, all major cities had independent department stores in their downtowns, commonly named for whichever enterprising man had started it. In Indianapolis, most people still recognize the names L.S. Ayres and William H. B ...

  • Building Language: Bay Window
    October 9, 2012, 1 Comment

    Bay Window. The bay window is a favorite feature of mine on historic buildings. A bay window is a set of windows that project out from the primary wall of the structure, creating an alcove within an interior room. Bay […]

  • Room With a View: Riley’s Lockerbie Street
    October 2, 2012, 1 Comment

    Birthday of beloved Hoosier, James Whitcomb Riley is just 5 days away (born 7 October1849). In his honor, we share the view of the home where Riley spent the last 20+ years of his life, on his beloved Lockerbie Street, […]

  • Building Language: Italianate
    September 25, 2012, 4 Comments

    Italianate. Driving through the older historic neighborhoods of Indianapolis, you will realize that Indy has some amazing examples of the Italianate style. To give you a better understanding of the Italianate, let’s look at the major feat ...

  • Building Language: Italian Renaissance
    July 31, 2012, 1 Comment

    Italian Renaissance. Another revival style found in Indianapolis is the Italian Renaissance – which draws its details from traditional Italian architecture. American architects in the last decade of the 19th century and first decades of t ...

  • Building Language: Chimney
    July 24, 2012, 1 Comment

    Chimney. I highly doubt many of you are using today’s Building Language term – the chimney – in the midst of our July heat. Although buildings old and new feature chimneys, there’s still plenty to explore about something as simple [ ...

  • Building Language: Stucco
    July 10, 2012, 1 Comment

    Stucco. Stucco is a type of plaster applied to the exterior of buildings. Stucco is a historic building material that traces its roots from ancient architecture. In historic American architecture, stucco is found on a variety of buildings, ...