A few quotes from readers and fans: 

“Every major US city should have a ‘HI'” – Peter Der Manuelian,  Philip J. King Professor of Egyptology, Harvard University

“Through her masterful and creative use of social media, Mrs. Browne has effectively raised awareness throughout Indianapolis and beyond of the importance of our irreplaceable historic resources and the relevance of historic preservation to the social, intellectual and economic fabric of our community.  She infuses the public dialogue on historic preservation with a wonderful, rare blend of scholarship, humor, and passion.”                 –Marsh Davis, President, Indiana Landmarks

“You certainly do a great job of bringing awareness to history, archives and preservation!” –Carol A. Street, Archivist,  Ball State University Libraries

“Hi! I just wanted to thank your team for HI. I grew up in Indianapolis and have often wondered what the story was behind street names, old buildings, etc. The content on your site has given me many “So that’s where that name came from!” moments. HI has actually given me something else as well: a way to connect with my father. He has type II diabetes and kidney failure and has been bedridden for the past several months. I visit him often but have had trouble finding things that we can both talk about. In addition, he is going blind, so talking about things on TV or playing games or anything like that generally causes frustration and some sadness rather than entertainment….I plan on continuing to read him the site content in hopes of getting to know him better and bringing a smile to his face. I plan on making a financial donation as well, but wanted to tell you about the priceless gift you’ve given me. Thanks.” – Shelley Lane Schmelter, Indianapolis

“I LOVE your site! I am a lifelong Indy resident and am just so fascinated by the historic aspects of our ol’ city. I love that you always have the whole story about a particular building or home I have been wondering about! A woman after my own heart. “  –Mandy Haskett, Indianapolis

“I LOVE this site, and am sad that I just now found it. It’s perfect.” –Ashley Meyer, Indianapolis

“This is like a genealogist’s dream to find a picture of a relative where there are no known pictures but one and to just stumble upon it! … Since Mabel died giving birth to my grandfather, the few pictures he would have had of her were left in Ohio…I am fascinated by your website and admire your work of preserving the past…Again thank you for all your help and keep up the good work! …How grateful I am that you bought the pic and didn’t throw it in a drawer but actually took the time to post it…I will be dropping by your site again. Thanks.” –Marty Kloc

“Don’t really know how I stumbled upon this site, but am so happy I did. I have been reading here for over 2 hours and have loved every minute of it. Your Sunday Prayer struck a chord with me. I live in Danville and grew up just south of there and have always felt sad when I drove down a country road or through a town and saw houses and businesses that sit empty and not cared for. If I had the money I would buy up so many of these buildings and restore them to their former glory! Thank you for a great website. I will be checking back often. Hoping to hit the lottery soon to save some of these historic places!” –Amy Phipps

“…I really enjoy reading your site as I live in an older neighborhood north of downtown (Watson-McCord) and own a home built in 1913 and I have always tried to maintain its original style and really appreciate my many neighbors who are bringing back many of the fine homes in my neighborhood. Keep up the good work! Thanks.” –Jimmy Kenney

“…the best thing about this internet search has been finding your website. I have seen you testify on TV during the IHPC meetings and was very impressed with your passion and interest in Indianapolis history. To think we do not even have a museum or store front or room dedicated to the city’s history…Thanks.” –Angela Gilmer

“Your work is very helpful to researchers of this city…Thank you very much for your work.” –Robert Carey

“I enjoy your site very much. I have learned so much and have seen pictures I have not (previously) seen. I was told about your site by my history major son. Great job.” – Joseph Reedy

“…thank you so much for all you do to preserve our history!” –Chuck Williams, Indianapolis

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