Vintage Vittles: No Grocery Needed

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Hello, HI readers! I’m having the Holy Trinity of bad days: I’m swimming in deadlines for my day job, my car is frozen solid to its parking space,  and I believe I’ve given myself food poisoning. All these forces combined are keeping me from hitting up Ye Olde Kroger for ingredients for this week’s Vintage Vittles recipe. So we’ll just have to save that for another time, and instead take a weird tour through some of Indy’s simplest and strangest vintage recipes — no trip to your local grocer needed.

Snow Ice Cream

First up, a seasonal offering from the reliably excellent Sesqui Samplings. Snow Ice Cream is exactly the thing for today, and I bet you have most of the ingredients inside your cabinet right now. Of course, this recipe implies you have a couple children handy to do your snow gathering, but even us childless ladies and gentlemen can manage to strap on a pair of boots and load up a mixing bowl with snow.  My suggestion? Throw in some fresh fruit, or top with some of that Civil War Nectar you started. 

Riley's Coffee - with egg!

Ah, James Whitcomb Riley, you intriguing fellow. Egg coffee, as described above, is a tradition in the Scandinavian-American communities in the Midwest. Does it sound particularly appetizing? Well, not really. But hundred of church cookbooks (where this recipe is a regular) can’t be that wrong, right? Plus, I’ve bet you’ve got grounds and an egg handy.

Polly's Squirrel Roast

Now, loyal readers, if any of you are brave enough to venture into the snow to claim your own fat squirrel and cook it over a roaring fire, you’ll surely be my new snow day hero. And this one-ingredient (plus seasoning) recipe just requires something we’ve all got running around our back yards. Things to love about this recipe: the vivid verbs: hit that squirrel; pound that squirrel; spit it over a fire; burn your hands. Might be too ambitious for this non-hunter, but I commend any willing to try.

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