WTH Wednesday Indianapolis has its fair share of ‘architorture’ (as one contributor put it). A take-off on the National Trust’s former “YIKES” feature, we look at muddling of historic Indianapolis buildings or inappropriate infill.

This feature is currently looking for a new contributing author or authors. Always looking for photos of  WTH candidates, also.

Interested? Please email: feedback (at) historicindianapolis (dot) com


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  1. Rebecca Noot July 19, 2013 at 9:46 am · Reply

    I have a nomination for WTH — on Shelby, just north of the Raymond St. exit off 65. West side of the street, a house with VERTICAL bricks covering its porch pillars. Weirdest thing you’ve ever seen. Well, maybe not on THIS site…But pretty sad.

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