Wednesday, August 4, 1909- Mrs. Frank Carvin gave an informal luncheon at her home, at 2131 N. Central Avenue (where the liquor store currently stands on the South East corner of 22nd and Central)when she entertained a group of friends in honor of Mrs. John Wiles of Kansas City and Mrs. Lina Loder Long of Cleveland, O. After the luncheon the guests were taken to Bethany Park where they spent the evening. Mrs. Carvin was assisted by her daughter, Miss Lucie Carvin.

Friday, August 6, 1909- Mrs. William Klapp of Jonesboro, Ark was the guest of her sister, Mrs. Edward Raub, for a few weeks at her home, 2839 N. Pennsylvania.*

August 6, 1909- Mrs. Le Baron Donovan of Tampa, Fla was visiting her sister, Mrs. Caroll Carr of 1827 (now 1851) N. Talbott Avenue for some time. A number of informal companies were to be given in honor of the visitor.


The Misses Louise and Janet Millikan and Katherine Hunt of Newcastle, had been spending two weeks with Mrs. Frank M. Millikan at her home, 2110 (now 2122, but different house) North Delaware Street, returned to their home on the afternoon of August 6, 1909.

Miss Marguerite Pearsall of Toledo was visiting her cousins Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Randall, 1540 College Ave. on August 8, 1909.


Mr. and Mrs. Jean Burrows of Chicago arrived to visit Mrs. Burrows and Mr. and Mrs. R.P. Craft of 1653 N. Delaware St. on 7 August 1909.

Dr. and Mrs. George Edwin Hunt returned from their trip through the west as of August 7, 1909 and were at their new home at 38th and Delaware Streets.

The Matrons Charity Club anticipated having an all-day meeting with Mrs. Leonto Brennan in Woodruff Place, 592 Middle Dr.on Thursday, August 12, 1909. A chicken dinner was to be served at noon.

Mr. and Mrs. John Armstrong of Anderson, spent a few days with Miss Lulu Croan in the Kenmore Flat, and returned to their home on 8 August 1909. The Kenmore was located at 529-531 Massachusetts Avenue.*

The members of the Woodruff Place Club were planning two card parties to be given for the ladies of Woodruff Place. If the parties are successful they will be continued throughout the winter. The first one was to be given August 11 at the club. The committee in charge of the party was made up of Mrs. Carroll E. Swain, chairman, Mrs. Frank Redmond, Mrs. C. L. Lambert and Mrs. William Fraser John.

August 5, 1909-Miss Millie Keller, 1410 N. College (no longer standing), entertained with a garden party, the guests being the members of the Double Eight Card Club. The lawn was lighted with Japanese lanterns and during the evening supper was served. The members of the club were entertained with a slumber party. The guests included the Misses Mabel Fuller, Maude Bennett, Margaret Turner, Gladys Glegg, Messrs. Herman Goss, Raymond McMannis, Colby Chapman, Edward Robbins, Abe Bernstein and Larry Johnson.


Mr and Mrs. Arthur Carr of Morton Place, 1917 (later 1933) North New Jersey Street (no longer standing), entertained Friday evening, August 6 with a picturesque garden party for their visitors, Mr. and Mrs. Ferris Mead of Dundee, NY. The flower garden was hung with numerous Japanese lanterns and in the center of the garden was a huge Japanese umbrella which wax decorated with flowers. A supper was served, after which an informal program was given. Mrs. S. R. Artman gave a group of readings and Thomas B. Artman gave vocal selections. The guests who were asked to meet the visitors were Judge and Mrs. U.Z. Wiley, Judge and Mrs. S. R. Artman, Mr. and Mrs. Fremont McDaniels, Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Carr and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bennett.


Discussions of Indianapolis Gardens 8/15/1909:
One of the most attractive flower gardens in the city is that of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Humphreys of 1706 North Alabama Street. It is surely a pleasing sight to sit on the Humphrey’s porch and admire the old-fashioned flowers. The lawn has been filled with the bright colored flowers since early in the spring, which at that time was ablaze with purple and white iris. And now one may see all sorts of old-fashioned flowers such as our grandmothers once grew.

An attractive porch and garden which is always a treat to see each summer is that of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Carr, 1917 North New Jersey Street. The flower garden is beautifully kept and the veranda is always bright with urns and baskets filled with flowers. The green hedges are quite the thing this summer and when well trimmed they are an attractive feature of the garden. On many lawns they are high enough to shield the porches from the street. One of the beautiful ones is at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fairbanks of 1522 North Meridian Street. There the hedge extends from the Meridian street side around on Sixteenth street.


15 August- Miss Florence Lehman of Pittsburg was coming to visit her cousin, Miss Harriet Baum, 2101 North Alabama Street (house no longer standing). (shown above)


Mrs. Mary J. Howe issued invitations for a euchre party Friday, August 27, evening in honor of her daughter, Miss Marie Howe at her home, 2106 (later 2112) N. Delaware Street (different house). (shown above)


8/29- The marriage was announced of Mrs. Jennie E. H. Hetherington and F. B. Caldwell, both of Indianapolis. The wedding took place Wednesday, August 25 at 11 o’clock at the home of the Rev. Mr. Hook, near Lebanon, in the presence of the near relatives and a few friends. Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell would then be at home to their friends at 2032 (later 2052) North Alabama Street. (Shown above)


6 August 1909 Suggested Menu for the Day:
Breakfast: Fruit, Parsley Omelet, Milk Biscuits, orange marmalade, coffee.
Lunch: Crab salad, cress sandwiches, crackers, lunch cake, Iced tea
Dinner: Clam Cocktail, Lobster Farci, Potatoes, Buttered Beets, Olive Salad, Pineapple Pudding, coffee

*keep in mind that many of the city address numbers changed around 1911; the old and new numbers are noted if known.

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