Samuel Lewis Shank, Mayor of Indianapolis from 1910 to 1913 and again from 1922-1925, seen here on the front of City Hall

100 Years Ago today, Mayor Shank was sworn in at what was then the new (and yet to be occupied) City Hall, now known as the Old City Hall. From the Indianapolis Star report: “In spite of the fact that he and former Mayor Bookwalter left the new City Hall by way o fone of the large windows, Mayor Shank spent some time receiving the congratulations of friends before he stepped into his automobile to proceed to his office in the Majestic Building.”

Samuel Lewis Shank had been an auctioneer for 30 years before becoming mayor. He started out in his professional career, at age 18 as a clog dancer and actor, and was then on the road as manager of Church’s Comedy Company in repertoire. After that, he became a yeast salesman, and then an auctioneer.

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