…has mere minutes of life left. The wrecking equipment is on site now and the hours are numbered for this beloved historic corner. R.I.P.

Something about its much earlier history from a book on Industry in Indianapolis in 1883:

A.J. Tarleton, Groceries, College Ave. and Seventh Street (Tinker Street became Seventh, and later 16th Street)

The main salesroom at this establishment, 20×45 feet in dimensions, is stocked with an admirably selected line of staple and fancy groceries, teas, coffees, sugars, spices, canned goods, produce, provisions, notions, tobaccos, cigars, etc. He also occupies an adjoining room 15/20 feet in size for storage purposes and for the salt and smoked meat department. He employs one assistant and one delivery wagon and transacts a lucrative business. Mr. Tarleton is a native of Kentucky and was born at Brookville in 1826. After leaving school he studied medicine in Mason County, Ky., and also in Martinsville, Ind., commencing the practice of his profession at Waverly, Morgan County, where he resided for nineteen years, the latter portion of which time he was engaged in mercantile pursuits. In 1871 he removed to Indianapolis and opened a grocery store at the corner of Home Ave. and Ash St, as a member of the firm of Tarleton & Guffin, but after one year Mr. Tarleton disposed of his interest and engaged in the real estate business until 1880, when in partnership with Mr. Farrell he opened the present establishment. Mr. Farrell withdrew from the firm in the following year, since which time Mr. Tarleton has conducted the business in his own name.


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