Check out a few photos of 1928 Delaware as it has been beautifully rehabbed by John Richardson. If every home had someone capable of such a loving and faithful restoration, what a beautiful place this neighborhood would be. Richardson is no stranger to restorations–he has been doing them for years. This is his fourth one in Herron-Morton Place, alone. His attention to detail and exquisite taste guide him in rehabbing and furnishing old homes in a way that is deeply respectful and replete with fascinating details, tasteful arrangements, sentimental family favorites and colorful collections. No detail is overlooked and every item, every photo, every nook and cranny fascinates, intrigues and inspires.As a counterpoint to the modern designs that are recreated in mindless repetition and lauded in the latest contemporary magazines, there are places like this, that┬átransport you to another time. Incredibly humble about his natural talents, when asked how he cultivated his aesthetic, John shrugs: “I just like collecting junk.” If what he deals in is junk,┬álead me to the junk yard!