The International I-Spy Game is the second in the continuing “HI Life” series (the first being the City Market Pajama Game in June 2012).  Why should you come out to play this weekend–and exactly what does that mean? What are we playing?

1. First 100 tickets purchased include a complimentary adult beverage. Tickets are only $15 per person.

2. If you like Easter egg hunts or playing games, you’ll like this. Rather than parking your tush on a backless bar chair all night, you could be hanging with friends, drinking and/or snacking your way through the Athenaeum (and evening) while seeing one of Indy’s most inspiring and interesting places in a new light, while competing for prizes in a game of observation and Q&A.

Recognize this? Could be a clue...

3. You can choose to dress up. And compete for prizes. If we learned one thing from the Pajama Game, it was that many people of Indianapolis are creative and love dressing up.  Everyone has something that will pass for pajamas and everyone has something that will pass for representing a state or country. What does the quintessential Hoosier look like? Maybe we’ll all find out on Saturday? It’s not a must, but last time, 70% of participants were dressed for the occasion.

Oui, Oui! I see Paris, I see France...?

Perhaps you'd like to represent Greco-Roman Empire?

Be a Brit for a night?


You could keep in theme with the building of the evening...

Or rep a state: Texas? You know you shouldn't mess with them....

Ski bunny? St. Moritz or Vermont- you choose.

You could rep a tropical state of mind? Or just bring the state with you...

4. Once you get to the Athenaeum, you don’t have to leave the building. “Baby, it’s cold outside,” but you can stay toasty inside, wandering around the A, drink and pretzel in hand.

View from the roof of the Athenaeum

5. Prizes! You can win awesome prizes like a Sun King Brewing gift pack, gift certificates for Silver in the City, La Margarita, and packages from The Best Chocolate in Town and White Dog–or an awesome Indiana-shaped love pillow from Crimson Tate all by competing in the best of his and hers costumes and for completing the International I-Spy Game.

Full details on eventbrite.