I hate to be trite, but in this instance, it is warranted: I have trouble deciding if I like the iron balcony, vinyl siding or the obscenely sized satellite dish better…Perhaps the fellas of this club trying to communicate with E.T.?
Despite all the advanced equipment atop this former house, I’m guessing no otherworldly message has reached the Antelope Club.
How about the lamp posts, completely dwarfed by the aforementioned satellite and Corinthian columns? The awning also seems incongruous. Has anyone been fooled into thinking they’re pulling up to The Stork Club: Indianapolis?
The brick addition to the building blends with the rest about as well as Chocolate cream pie and tuna fish.
And finally, don’t be fooled by that “One Way” sign. This is not an indication for the flow of traffic on Delaware, but rather, at this location, a warning: this abused building is on the one-way fast-track to architectural purgatory or below! antelope-club2Nothing like some Neo-Classical architectural details to slow the flow of traffic on Delaware. 615 North Delaware to be exact. For those drivers speeding past this behemoth too quickly to have seen it…

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  1. Sharon Butsch Freeland says:

    The former single-family residence that is now hidden behind the Antelope Club’s additions was built in 1898 by tinner Joseph C. Gardner. He lived there until his death in 1947. I wonder if any of the home’s original interior features still exist?

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