While in the Fountain Square area, I came across this polyglot.   By all appearances this was a turn of the century house at one time.  The porch does not exist anymore, and by the looks of things, it seems to have become some sort of restaurant (going by the vents on the roof).  However, with no signage anywhere, your guess is as good as mine as to what kind of business it actually is today.

So, what’s the problem here?

-A house of this era and style would have originally had a porch. That has been removed.

-In place of said porch is a commercial addition that extends well beyond the original footprint of where the porch would have been.

-The window that is visible on the north side of the house has been covered over.   The rest of the visible window openings have been replaced or covered.

-Newer red brick has been added out front in place of what could have been a simple/ appropriately scaled railing leading up to the house.

-Part of this newer red brick creates a front patio effect, which would not have existed on a house of this era.

-There appear to be three front entry doors, rather than one. And it’s not clear where that original one was located.


-Remove front addition. Restore appropriate porch–the original likely had a wood bead board ceiling and wood floor.

-Return all window openings  to the proper scale and placement. Locate the original window openings and place historically accurate windows in these locations.

-Remove the front brick patio.

-Locate and restore the original front entrance.

Located: on Prospect, East of Fountain Square.





2 responses to “WTH Weds: Bad Prospect”

  1. Kevin J. Brewer says:

    It appears that this house has been remodeled for commercial use. Making some of the remedies you suggest would reduce the amount of available floorspace and probably obfuscate its use as a commercial building.

    In addition, commercial buildings many times require a number of doors for various types of egress.

  2. Rob Ford says:

    It appears that this “house” should have remained a residence. There are homes on either side of “this”.
    If it were legal to convert to a business, then it should have been remodeled with sympathy to the neighhboring properties. This is not even in good design as a commercial building. Would not want to live next to this.