Hi Friends, Fans and Readers:

If  you have ever wondered about any behind-the-scenes/ inner-workings of HI, this will be your chance.

Two things: I’d like to share an invitation to the public launch of Plan 2020, the Bicentennial plan for Indianapolis. This coming Wednesday, June 11, from 6:30-8 at Old City Hall, come meet members of the Plan 2020 team. Why? For one, yours truly is one of the five Project Managers helping craft a compelling future for Indianapolis.

plan2020 launch

Those of us who love the past are also invested in the future–as HI readers, you know better than most what a truly awesome and inspiring city Indy has been, is, and can be. You are invited to bring photos and key moments from history to share and your wish list of hopes for the future. We’re interested in learning what you value in our city and your ideas on what you wish we valued. If you can make it, please find me and say “hi,” as it’s always fun meeting our readers. RSVP through the link on the date above.

In other news…

Do we all agree that the average American attention span grows shorter almost daily?  Acronyms abound and it seems like there’s a cutesie shortening for pretty much every word, name or brand under the sun. Quick, monosyllabic, staccato–it’s the only way to roll these days. As someone with 7 cumbersome syllables in her name, I welcome being called “TBB” for short. Likewise, you’ll notice, most of the team here uses “HI” as a quick and handy way to refer to this website, and hey, you may do it yourself. Or do you? We’d love to know!

With that in mind, and apologies in advance for the capitulation to a trend, we will now also be found online by using Typing out is so time consuming, and just invites an auto-correct moment.  So, if you catch someone in a t-shirt that looks like this, you’ll be able to explain what it means.

What do you think?


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  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    Although I’m not familiar with some of the dedicated citizens taking their precious time contributing to this most important planning initiative for the future of Indianapolis, I am familiar with the planning staff of DMD that are involved, and am confident that they will take this planning process to a successful completion. The legacy of past planners no longer with us like Michael Carroll and Harold Rominger lives on. Wish I still lived there to be involved!

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