Colonial Revival in Irvington, 5400 Block of East Pleasant Run Parkway South Drive

Colonial Revival. Found prominently across Indianapolis residential architecture, the Colonial Revival is an early twentieth century style that draws upon Colonial architectural influences (the Georgian and Adam styles, not known to Indianapolis). The Colonial Revival can include a range of details, so we will touch on some, not all, of those today. Colonial Revivals range from one to three stories in height, with structural walls of brick or wood siding.  The Colonial Revival is distinguished by a prominent front entrance, typically with an entry porch with columns supporting a pedimented roof. The door itself can include sidelights and a fanlight (semi-circular window) above the door.

The main façade of a Colonial Revival is symmetrical in nature, focused around the primary doorway. This normally means windows placed regularly across the façade with each window identical in design. The roof on a Colonial Revival may be side-gabled or hipped, with a strong cornice that will include a molding and possibly ornament such as dentils. A subtype of the Colonial Revival is the Dutch Colonial Revival, which draws upon Dutch Colonial architecture. A Dutch Colonial Revival typically features a gambrel roof and may include full-width shed dormers.

Dutch Colonial Revival in Irvington Terrace, 6400 Block of East Pleasant Run Parkway South Drive

Let’s examine two Colonial Revivals in Indianapolis that show the variety of the style. The first is found in the 5400 Block of East Pleasant Run Parkway South Drive in the Irvington Historic District. This stately Colonial Revival is a two-story, side-gabled residence, with brick walls and a symmetrical façade. The roof features a strong cornice and bracketed overhanging eaves on the gabled ends. The entrance features a columned portico with a flat roof and a wood balustrade.

The second example is nearby in the 6400 Block of East Pleasant Run Parkway South Drive in the Irvington Terrace Historic District. This wood framed residence is a Dutch Colonial Revival, with a portico entrance featuring two columns supporting a pedimented roof. The primary entrance on the west elevation includes a fanlight and sidelights surrounding the door. The gabled roof features full-width shed dormers and paired windows on its east and west elevations.

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I chose to purchase the Colonial Revival house as it reminded me of the wonderful historic neighborhoods in Virginia.

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