Shed Dormers, 300 Block of North Irvington Ave

Shed Dormer. A dormer window is found projecting out from a roof, typically with its own roof, sides, and a window frame on its face. Dormers provide needed sunlight and ventilation to an interior space, normally an attic or upper story. The style of the dormer can range significantly, most commonly determined by the architectural style of the structure itself. Today’s example is the shed dormer, which features a slightly pitched roof that almost extends itself out from the primary roof. The shed dormer will feature its own sides and a small window (or two) on its face. The Dutch Colonial Revival commonly features shed dormers.

Two examples found in the Irvington neighborhood highlight the shed dormer. The first is found in the 300 Block of North Irvington Avenue. This adorable residence features a joined shed dormer, broken up by a sharply pitched gabled end, which acts as the entrance. The shed dormer creates additional light and ventilation into the second story of this residence.

Shed Dormer, 5800 Block of East University Ave in Irvington Neighborhood

The second example of a shed dormer is found in the 5800 Block of East University Avenue. This residence features a very steep side-gabled roof with the shed dormer projecting out at the center of the main façade. The dormer features typical two sets of paired windows, designed to match the rest of the features of the house.

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The rain flowing off the shed dormer created additional strain on our gutters and downspouts.

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    i lived in a house that had “eyebrow windows”…..that might be an interesting thing to find….

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