Repeating Trusses in the Main Hall, City Market

Braces for Trusses in the Main Hall, City Market

Truss. The truss is an extremely versatile architectural feature, applied across a variety of properties in many different ways. For today, we’ll just get familiarized with the term as you encounter trusses on a daily basis. Generally speaking, a truss is a structural frame, with individual components assembled into geometric shapes (think of your Tinkertoys), that support a structure across a wide space or span. Typically, a finished, singular truss is a wood or steel triangular frame serving to support a roof or bridge.

The design of the individual truss and placement of the individual members can vary in their decorative elements, but overall the shape will resemble triangular features. Several trusses will be used in tandem to support the structure. Each individual truss will be structurally supported by a vertical brace, which can be more commonly viewed as a column. The vertical truss brace plays an important role in the structural integrity of the truss system, as they prevent the truss from buckling as they help transfer the load from the truss downward onto the structural column.

For those looking forward to the Historic Indianapolis Pajama Game event on Saturday, the City Market features some great steel trusses in the main hall. The steel trusses are repeated across the ceiling of the main hall, acting as structural support for the large, open space and roof. On each side of the truss, the weight is distributed down onto great historic steel columns (truss brace). Even the side galleries on the second floor feature steel trusses. As these trusses are exposed, the design goes beyond your basic steel truss to include ornate circular features.

Add it to your vocabulary – how might one use today’s Building Language term in their everyday life?

The twisted steel rafter is a major structural concern for the aging historic building.

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