Bush Stadium, Pre-demolition – Photo by Ryan Hamlett

As many of you may well know, Indianapolis’ historic Bush Stadium, once a mainstay on Indiana Landmarks’ 10 most endangered list, has been saved from total destruction and is currently transforming into the Stadium Lofts (see below), scheduled to open summer 2013.


Stadium Lofts, Artist Rendering – from the Core Redevelopment website

This looks to be a pretty unique and cool set up.

You can check out a few more images from Bush Stadium’s pre-demolition state.

It IS a timely opportunity to send out some unsolicited support for a local organization doing some pretty cool things around town, People for Urban Progress. The people responsible for salvaging and repurposing the roof material for the Hoosier Dome also stepped in and saved thousands of stadium seats from Bush. Some, are being repurposed as bus stop benches around town.

More timely, however, Bush Stadium seats are available this Thursday, Friday and Saturday for purchase, both as individual seats and also as pairs.pupbench

A parting shot from earlier days:


Indians Game at Bush Stadium, circa 1998

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