Following up on some feedback from yesterday’s article, here is some more on the former Northwest Christian College (later Butler University) site at 13th and College.

Above, a newspaper article from 1910 describing the demolition of the former main college building. It also gives some history of the university. Being historic in itself, it offers a unique perspective on the university and preservation in 1910.

And here are static maps and aerial images of the university grounds, which stretched from at least 13th to 14th and College to Bellfontaine.

1898, after conversion to the Indianapolis Orphan Asylum. Even by then, the eastern end of the college campus had been platted for homes.

1915, after the demolition and replatting of the site. Note the large vacant corner was the location of an Indiana National Guard Armory, as mentioned in the newspaper article.

1956, showing the homes and apartments built on the site.

1972, mid-construction of the North Split, showing the devastation wrought by the interstate.

2010, with the (de)construction finished and nearly 40 years later. Also notice the extraneous bridges and tails of nonexistent on-ramps located in the interchange. I-69 was originally intended to continue from I-465 through the various neighborhoods and connect into this interchange. Fortunately, that plan was stopped by Old Northside preservationists, or so the story goes, after seeing what was happening to other neighborhoods with the other interstates (we’ll cover that another time). Unfortunately, the idea still isn’t dead, as this IBJ article shows.

And animated composite of the above images (and showing a slightly wider area than yesterday’s).

Finally, go Butler! Make some more history!

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