When cocktail time rolls around, your outfit can be as intoxicating a concoction as the libations. I am thankful to be fairly height-weight proportionate and take great delight in finding fashions that fit my hourglass. (or hour and a quarter…)

My choice for cocktails and cocktail attire bend towards a few decades ago. Any of the following will do for me. Top choices for the intersection of fashion and libations in 2011: Ball & Biscuit, The Libertine, Bar at the Ambassador and 1933 Lounge above St. Elmo’s.

As noted, the top of these three was available at H. P. Wasson in April 1945

Note, the dress on the left was available in April 1945 at L. S. Ayres

above, March 1948

above, March 1946

One response to “Cocktail Dresses for Cocktail Time”

  1. Cheryl says:

    Wow! You have managed to find fashions that are actually older than I am! And I had forgotten all about Wasson’s. Am trying to remember where the store was that my mother took me to; don’t think it was downtown. For Block’s and Ayres stores, for end-of-summer back-to-school shopping we always went downtown.
    Acutally, I suppose in the mid-50’s the malls/shopping centers hadn’t yet been built, so of course we went downtown. And if I behaved well while shopping, we went to the tea room at either Ayres or Block’s for an ice cream sundae.

    Those are lovely ddresses, by the way, and some of those silhouettes are available today through Vogue’s Vintage patterns, for those who don’t quite fit the sizes of the 40’s and 50’s. Lucky you to be able to!

    Now, if there were still cocktail parties to wear them to…at least, I never get invited to such things these days.

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