Nearing 38th Street, just south of Fairfield, on the west side of the street, something seemed off.  An expanse of bald land, large earth moving equipment in its vicinity, it hit me: another historic corner building was gone.

The regret of never taking a picture was heavy.

As an obituary, here are a few highlights of the recently departed:

  • For all of its early life, this building was home to a variety of Pharmacy Companies or Druggists.
  • Built circa 1914
  • Harry W. Hodson’s home address (of 3424 N. College) was the last address before “Fair Ground Avenue” on the west side of the street in 1914. In 1915, Hodson Pharmacy appears within the same block at 3460 N. College Avenue.
  • “Fair Ground Avenue” was changed sometime between 1915 and 1939 to the current “Fairfield Avenue.”
  • A news item in the “National Association of Retail Druggists” Journal (N.A.R.D. for short–insert chuckle)from 1915 reports: “A thief entered the Hodson Pharmacy, at Indianapolis, and took fifty dollars from the drawer of a medicine case.”
  •  In 1918, the building was home to Barnhart Pharmacy Co., Inc.
  • Irvin E. Rice Drugs operated here in 1930.
  • The address number changed again sometime prior to 1939–as the Sanborn map updated to that time reveals the corner address as 3456 at that time. In 1940, the Haag Drug Co. Inc operated one of its chain here.


Anyone have a photo of this corner when the sweet corner building was still there?

looking south at the now cheerless site from Fairfield Ave.

3456 North College Avenue has been decimated for what?


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