1925 vogue

All fashion talk of late is centered around the release of the new Baz Luhrmann version of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.  The book was released on April 10, 1925, so why not take a look at the fashions of Vogue for the month this classic book first appeared?

Within the same issue, our very own Indianapolis Marmon was advertised as “a successful car for successful people.” “Open cars $3165. Closed cars, $3295 to $3975”


Above, latest fashion of April 1925 by Vionnet.photo-7

And Evening gowns… photo-4

Lots of geometry, and lining that matches the dress…

and florals…


Any of these look like the costumes you’ve seen in any version of Gatsby? Or how you imagined it?photo

These long textured gloves are sheer on the hand and ornamented on the arm. And why don’t we wear gloves anymore?


This last dress, by Chanel–easy to imagine on Daisy or one of the party girls in Gatsby…

Got a favorite?