I recently purchased two DNA kits. One was from Ancestry DNA, a part of the larger Ancestry.com. The other was from a much lesser known company with a very similar name, Ancestry by DNA. My plan is to use the Ancestry DNA kit myself and send the other to my brother, since there is different information to be gained by testing a male member of the family.

The two tests are quite different. For instance, the Ancestry by DNA test (on the right above) contains a simple swab that you use on the inside of your cheek. Once the swab has been returned to them and tested, they give you an estimated percentage of your ancestry that is from the four population groups they test for: Indigenous American, East Asian, European, and African.

Ancestry by DNA

The Ancestry DNA test requires you to fill a small tube with saliva which is then sent in for testing. Their test claims to be able to report your genetic ethnicity in much more detail. For example, rather than just finding out that you are of European ancestry, this test will tell you what percentage is from the British Isles, Scandinavia, Central Europe, or  Southern Europe.

Ancestry DNA

I am certainly no expert on DNA testing for genealogical purposes, but I am learning. And I hope to learn much more as my results come in. It will be interesting to see if my research will be proven true or if I have strayed somewhere. I’m also very curious to see if a family legend will be disproved. Both tests take 6-8 weeks, and I’ll share what I’ve discovered when I have the results.

Have you had your DNA tested for genealogical purposes? If so, what have you discovered? And if not, would you ever consider doing it?